Heartbreaker by Wakazi

uugh uugh yeah
See these rappers i break em apart, lyrically breaking their hearts/
tryna see someone as real as me, i figured they not/
at DINNER TIME,  why ya still stuck at big rhymes/
Im inching closer to what just seem to be my prime/
I been surrounded by niggas who always throw them signs/
but every inch i get, i just use it to educate their minds/
so they can become Gangsters & Gentlemen/
Im Africa's Own but Chicago is where im settlin/
Im bout to take you tp places that ya aint never been/
So get Familiar with unfamiliar person kama mimi/
This is that Unorthodox flow, served on the Menu to go/
so pick your Poison, RAIN, HAIL, SLEET or SNOW/
coz lyrically I Survived AVALANCHES, RAINED on you Bastards/
SLIPPED and SLED on ICE and was "DESSERTED" like a CACTUS/
Now Im Back muthafuckrz Locked and Loaded/
But whoever wanna bring the rawkus nigga I Abborted/
The mission, coz its clearly nigga aint no fuckin Competition/
Lyrical prowess, cant pass grades for admission/
So I remain Superior, and your role is the submission/
I dont want you to hear, But to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN/
As i lay down things that i always envision/
in my sleep, or whenever im Daydreamin/
I Got Tricks UP MY SLEEVES even when im WIFEBEATIN/
I need Three Kisses, from Wives, Mothers and Daughters/
My Three wishes, is for them to be ma main supporters/
Coz if you do it for the women, gettin fellas is given/
Multiply your crowd three times, until the haters them Give in/
uuh Prayin to Our Father, Hope we Forgiven/
Coz On this righteous path, sinful is how im livin/
thats why im breakin hearts, see these Emcees Bleeding/
so everytime i spit bars its similar to Killing Season/
Ila Misingi yote ni ya kutoka UKONGA/
mahali ambapo WAKAZI SWAGGABOVU ndo natoka/
NAFYEKA NYASI ili niweze Kuondoa NYOKA/
Na tabia haihitaji PASI ili iweze NYOOKA/
kadri siku zinakwenda, haters wanaongezeka/
Wapinzani wanatesti Zali wakidhani ninazeeka/
Im like WINE, only with Time ima get better/
Hustle Mind, nigga Middle Finger to the Fuckin Hater/
Swaggabovu its the Return, WELCOME TO HEARTBREAKER/ nigga...  © Wakazi

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